Sexta-feira, 13 de Maio de 2011

The Vampire Diaries - Fim da segunda temporada


Vi hoje o último episódio e foi excelente, não se podia esperar outra coisa, foi um final bastante emocionante, eu não vou contar o que aconteceu para não estragar a história para aqueles que ainda não viram, mas devo dizer que todos aqueles que são fãs do par Damon/Elena, vão ficar muito felizes.

Enfim, agora resta esperar até Setembro para os vermos outra vez. 

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Domingo, 19 de Dezembro de 2010

The Sacrifice - Best Lines



Katherine: Please come in, there`s plenty of room for all of us.
Damon: I`d rather poke my eyes out.
Katherine: They`re such pretty eyes.


Stefan: We`re here for the moonstone.
Damon: Feel like tossing it over?


Elena: Sound like you guys already have it all planned out.
Damon: Yup, we're awesome!


Jeremy: Let me do it. I have my ring, I can get in, get out, no spells necessary.
Damon: Wow thank you 16 year old child. Why didn`t we think about that? Why are you even here?


Damon: You don`t get to make decisions anymore.
Elena: When have I ever made a decision? You and Stefan do that for me. This is my decision.
Damon: Who`s gonna save your life while your making decisions?
Elena: You`re not listening to me, Damon. I don`t want to be saved. Not if it means that Klaus is going to kill every single person that I love.
Damon: Get your ass out the door before I throw you over my shoulder and carry you out myself.


Stefan: Bonnie wake up please.
Katherine: Yes please, because I`m still in here.


Elena: Stefan`s in there Damon. How could you let this happen?
Damon: What are you talking about. I was too busy saving you from your crazy kamikaze mission.


Stefan: Promise me, whatever happens, you`ll protect her.
Damon: Promise.


Katherine: That right there was the biggest mistake you`ve ever made.

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Segunda-feira, 6 de Dezembro de 2010

"Katerina" - Best Lines


 Elena: The oldest vampire in the history of time is coming after me?
Damon: We're looking at a solid... maybe.


Damon: She`s in denial.
Stefan: Shut up, Damon

Elena: I want you to tell me about Klaus.
Katherine: Hmmm. You`ve been busy.


Elena: You don`t look so good. How long before your body shuts down? Ten, twenty years? It must be painful to dessicate and mummify. I can`t even imagine.


Katherine: You have the Petrova fire.


Rose: Being in love with your brother`s girlfriend must be difficult.
Damon: I`m not in love with anyone.
Rose: Wanna try that again?


Damon: If you`re setting me up in anyway, I will rip your heart out and shove it own your throat. Something I`m very good at.


Stefan: Let me guess. You want to trade that stone for your freedom. You manipulative, psychotic bitch.
Katherine: My freedom? That`s where you`re wrong Stefan. I don`t want my freedom. When Klaus shows up to kill us all, and he will, I`ll be in the tomb, where no vampire will enter because they can`t get out. I`ll be the safest psychotic bitch in town.



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Domingo, 21 de Novembro de 2010

"Rose" - Best Lines


Damon: Everything she says is a lie! How am I supposed to know she´s gonna start spouting out the truth?


Stefan: You're coming with me?
Damon: It's Elena.


Damon: Alaric sure likes his weapons.


Stefan: It´s a vervain bomb or a grenade launcher or something like that.
Damon: Weird.


Damon: Can we not do the whole road trip bonding thing? The cliche of it all makes me itch.

Stefan: Oh, c´mon, Damon. We both know that you being in this car has absolutely nothing to do with me anyway.
Damon: And the elephant in the room lets out a mighty roar.


Stefan: Just get it out. I mean, are you in this car because you want to help your little brother save the girl he loves? Or because you love her too? I mean, c´mon express yourself. I happen to like road-trip bonding.
Damon: Keep it up, Stefan. I can step out of helping as easily as I stepped in.
Stefan: No, see that’s the beauty of it. You can´t.


Damon: Elena know you´ve been drinking blood.
Stefan: I´ve been drinking hers.
Damon: How romantic.


Trevor: Captivity´s made her pushy, eh? What do you want to know, Doppelicious?


Stefan: Well, you know, I´ve never said it out loud. I guess I just need to say it, and you need to hear it. I´m sorry. What I did was selfish. I didn´t want to be alone. I guess I just needed my brother.


Damon: Cute pjs.

Elena: I´m tired, Damon

Damon: Brought you this.

Elena: I thought that was gone.

Damon: No.

Elena: Thank you... please give it back.

Damon: I just have to say something.

Elena: Why do you need to say it with my necklace?

Damon: Because what I´m about to say is... probably the most selfish thing I´ve ever said in my life.

Elena: Damon, don´t go there.

Damon: No, I just have say it once. You just need to hear it. I love you, Elena. And it´s because I love you that I can't be selfish with you... why you can´t know this. I don´t deserve you... but my brother does. God, I wish you didn´t have to forget this. But you do.

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Domingo, 14 de Novembro de 2010

"Masquerade" - Best Lines


 Damon: Skip the teen drama and get to it.


Katherine: Tell Damon and Stefan to give me the moonstone or I will rip this town apart until it rains blood.


Katherine: Do not sneak up on a vampire
Lucy: Don´t attack a witch.


Katherine: I´m impersonating my dull as dishwater doppelganger, Elena. She has the worst taste.
Lucy: Except in men.


Katherine: Paralyzed from the waist down … and dead. The moonstone, Stefan. Tick tock.


Katherine: Ooooh, you Gilbert men, so courageous. How´s John, by the way? Were they able to sew his fingers back on?


Katherine: ...Something tells me that my witch is better than your witch.


Katherine: The three of us together, just like old times. The brother who loved me too much, and the one who didn´t loved me enough.
Damon: And the evil slut vampire who only loved herself.


Katherine: Have I mentioned how inconvenient your obsession with me has been?
Damon: You and me both, honey.


Damon: Then I´ll protect her … while you rot in hell.



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Segunda-feira, 8 de Novembro de 2010

"Plan B" - Best Lines

The Vampire Diaries tem umas falas tão boas que são difíceis de ignorar por isso decidi que depois de cada episódio posto aqui as minhas preferidas.



Stefan: You´re staring.

Elena: I´m gazing.

Stefan: It´s creepy.

Elena: It´s romantic.


Stefan: Why did you involve Jeremy?
Damon: He´s playing Indiana Jones. He involved himself.


Damon: Let’s talk about that little witchy junior thing you do with me. You know, the fun one where my brain bursts into flames. What is that?


Damon: Now I get it. You’re just stupid. Katherine doesn’t love you, she’s using you, you moron.


Damon: Wrong boy toy!

Katherine: Damon, for once you´ve surprised me. I assume Mason´s with you."
Damon: He´s right beside me. Although his heart´s across the room.


Katherine: Do you honestly believe that I didnt have a plan B? And if that fails a plan C and a plan D. You know how the alphabet works dont you. Send my love to Stefan.


Katherine: I need a werewolf. I´ve lost the one that I had. 


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Sexta-feira, 5 de Novembro de 2010


É uma cena tão bonita e de cortar a respiração! 
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Domingo, 24 de Outubro de 2010



Adorei o episódio de hoje de The Vampire Diaries, deu para conhecer um pouco mais do passado da Katherine e ficámos a saber que afinal pelos vistos ela sempre amou o Stefan (foi o que deu a entender na última cena). Começo a gostar cada vez mais do Mason Lockwood, acho que ele ao ínicio não seria uma ameaça assim tão grande para os Salvatore, isto claro antes do Damon o tentar matar, já sei o que é que lhe vai acontecer mas não quero ser spoiler por isso vou ficar caladinha.     

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Domingo, 10 de Outubro de 2010

Bring it on!

Que venha o próximo Domingo com mais um episódio de The Vampire Diaries porque eu estou morta de curiosidade para ver o que vai acontecer a seguir!

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Sexta-feira, 10 de Setembro de 2010

The Vampire Diaries Season 2

Não querendo ser spoiler nem nada, gostei tanto do primeiro episódio da segunda temporada de The Vampire Diaries que tive que o ver outra vez, é simplesmente excelente, cheio de surpresas... mal posso esperar pelo próximo episódio!
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